Pretty #white and #purple #flowers I spotted on my way #home today :) (at Ascot Park)

Inside my #rainbow #cupcakes ^~^ they taste so good!! (at Haus of Bun)

#aqua #iced #rainbow #cupcakes with little #hearts on top ^~^ (at Haus of Bun)

#rainbow #cupcakes :3 (at Haus of Bun)

This is happening right now! They are in the #oven (at Haus of Bun)

#baking #rainbow #cupcakes (at Haus of Bun)

#muzzbuzz because I am not feeling to great today. Think my #vpshunt tubing is rubbing on something :/ #icecoffee #treat #noms #iih #iihlife #health #medical (at Haus of Bun)

Yesterday I got my #staples out! #today I am #fifteen days #postop 😁 I am recovering well and I feel that my #IIH #symptoms are currently at bay! #iihlife #recovery #health #medical #slurpy #vpshunt (at Haus of Bun)

#pretty #white #flowers that I spotted on my way #home today :) (at Haus of Bun)


Happy 25th Birthday, Game Boy ⊟

What a great system you were. This artwork from Eliran Cohen reminds me so much of my experience with the Game Boy, absolutely immersed in whatever I was playing, no matter where I was.

If you haven’t read it yet, USgamer published a wonderful article celebrating the Game Boy, which JC and I contributed to. Here’s a scrap I wrote for it:

My memories playing Game Boy remain vivid, and remembering them now, you couldn’t have them with a home console. Backtracking around Metroid II during a long, turbulent flight over the Pacific. Having my mind blown when I first started Final Fantasy Adventure in the back of my aunt’s Monte Carlo, when your hero gets thrown off the cliff. Jumping through Elec Man’s stage in Dr. Wily’s Revenge, in between eating chicken nuggets at a Chinese food restaurant while my mom gossiped with her friends.

I still return to Link’s Awakening every few years, spending an afternoon by a window. I’m always trying to recapture the days I’d explore Koholint Island, hiding under the dinner table, hidden so no one could bother me and break the immersion but peeking out just enough so the sun could still warm my skin. If I could still fit in them, I’d probably try playing games in a laundry hamper again, too.

Feel free to share your Game Boy memories and birthday wishes!

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My first ever hand held gaming console. I wanted it so bad so I saved all my christmas and birthday money and got one from cash converters…I was so proud of myself. I remember sitting next to the sliding door in the laundry because that was the brightest place in the house and gave the best gaming experience. Happy 25th Birthday Gameboy!




Going to School


think of all the people who scrolled away

I shat bricks when I saw him drop!

I admit defeat

Well I guess I just need to suck it up and admit that I can’t live my life unmedicated…I need to dig those antidepressants out of a box.

I keep just having random waves of sadness and depression.

I am not ashamed I just wish I could live without these tablets and that my life was enough to make me happy.


Nintendo Handhelds.